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Sound is an acoustic pressure wave that requires a medium for its propagation and gravity is the force of attraction that pulls land masses towards each other. The creation of the Gravity EP is a manifesto dedicated to the great powers: to light, to sound, to space, to time, and their physical laws. Every physical element creates an audible sound, caused by one of these powers, pushing it to take shape with its specific weight and to pass onwards its energy. The compression and expansion of the rhythms plays a fundamental role in this musical release; where they meet, in their point of no return, and the effect of evolution, which creates new mass, structure, and form.

The story of sound begins with the genesis, "Black Tales": a panorama obscure and unknown to all, that reveals from the beginning its musical anomalies. Where nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed. Energy wants to be described in its impermanence; in all its forms, in the context of a landscape, and as invisible lines where atoms collide chaotically forming new entities. The space described in this passage, in reality, is absent of dimension. Like life itself, this is a universal fluid that unites the living with micro- and macro- cosms.

The second song, "Satellite", with generally static rhythmic cadence, creates a gloomy atmosphere in spatial movement. Braided magnetic fields and electric currents attune in an obscure romantic ballad, which accompanies listeners as they dive deep into uncharted space, to witness new activities.

"Gravity", the title track of the EP, is a walk on the moon. This piece has an external rhythm of greater intensity as this music is an exhibition of the influence that a larger body may have over a smaller one, to synchronize and pull it near. In this piece, we reconnect rhythmically with the moon's atmospheric pressure; floating, it lulls us with its waves. Monoliths orbit and align rhythmically, playing with gravity. The weight of each body wants the listener to dynamically perceive the emanating pressure.

The final propels into adventure with obsessive protest, "Outcry". An decadent apocalyptic urban landscape is painted, where nature is trampled, suffering, and exhaling its last breath. The cement invades what which was our first home. Despite this cry for help, the breath of life pervades our universe, nature, and brings us to the light. It will help us to find room to breathe and overcome.


released June 23, 2014

Francesco Luigi Lenci, mastering by centauro @ Chrystalline Immersion Studios



all rights reserved


Looney Moon Experiment Berlin, Germany

Looney Moon Experiment is a label created trough worldwide connections. We come here to express our vision of what is fresh, experimental, mind opening, beautiful, inventive, enlightening. . We do dubstep, psystep, psybreak, breakbeat,, glitch-hop, downtempo, midtempo, experimental bass music, ethnic glitch. We EXPERIMENT! ... more

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